Strategic Alliance

MOU between DELTA E&C from S Korea and CNJ
Delta E&C Logo_20160107

Delta E&C e-Brochure AirFog System(En)AirFog System(En) CNJ and Delta signed on the MOU document as of June 9, 2017. Delta E&C is a small but strong company doing business with three domains: Ski Resort Development Consulting and Providing with State-of-the-Art Artificial Snow Making and Maintenance System, Air Fog Spraying System, and IPTV Broadcasting and Communication System. Each business area developed and provided by Delta E&C is highly competitive and easily customizable to customer’s needs. Please refer to the file attached to this message so that you can better understand. We look forward to collaboratively and synergistically doing business creating the…

How to Do YOUR Business with the US Government?

How to Do Business with the US Government_CNJ_English_2017 Doing business with the US government is not an easy matter but more than just a reward. Think about the Eligibility and Capability of your business in the context of highly competitive markets such as the US government at all levels – Federal, State, and Local (County or City). You need something with which you can fight against your competitors. Those may be your minority status, disadvantaged business status, your business location, and so forth. You can utilize your business status by getting the programs offered by the government. CNJ is here…

Sungro’s Flagship Product “Bugs R Done” will be launched in Korea.
IMG_0093 by Indoor and Outdoor Bug Killer & Repellent BUGS ‘R’ DONE™ is a highly effective environmentally safe indoor and outdoor insecticide. It contains pure orange peel oil nature’s own botanically-derived insecticide. BUGS ‘R’ DONE™ may be used around food, humans, and pets. May be used anywhere inside & outside homes, schools, hospitals, apartments, kitchens, food factories and restaurants. Kills most disease-carrying cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and fire ants. An effective Ant, Roach, Fly, Spider & Mosquito Killer health conscious people seek. Spray indoor areas such as kitchen cabinets, drawers and closets. Under sinks, into wall & floor cracks and…

Ten Commandments for Creating the Customer Experience

Creating the Customer Experience is not optional for all medium and small sized Korean companies. Once you have well designed plan and strategies for this purpose, you will easily find your markets and business partners in the United States, and extend your business domain to the whole world in a short period of time. We have a clear shared vision. We have challeging goals. We have well defined strategies. Employees are well trained for their competencies and attitudes. We match the claims made through advertising. We measure service quality against best in class. Employees meet with customer groups as frequently as…

NTS Global was born in July 18, 2016.

NTS Global, a sister company of CNJ, was just born in July 18, 2016 under the leadership of Dave Fantau who also serves CNJ as senior advisor for the field of consumer product business consulting services. NTS Global is a company with specialties in trim solutions with the business platform in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, El Salvador, and some other countries. Dave Fantau is Chief Executive Officer of the company and he is assisted by a group of very intellectual professionals such as industry experts, value-chain specialists, organization and talent consulting professionals, and the like. He has…

CNJ Face of the Future
CNJ Face of the Curiosity

CNJ FACE OF THE CURIOSITY The image below symbolizes how CNJ looks into the business world for human well-being. CNJ is a business consulting institute specialized in 3Cs described as follows: 1. Competency: CNJ has the judgmental and analytical capability with which CNJ consultants diagnose your company’s Competency, i.e., what you are doing as business. 2. Connectivity: CNJ has the enormous capacity of networking your company with other potential partners in the US market, based on our informative networks. 3. Competiveness: CNJ always understands that your competitiveness at a time does not always perpetuate so that your company stays there….