CNJ Achievements

NTS Global was born in July 18, 2016.

NTS Global, a sister company of CNJ, was just born in July 18, 2016 under the leadership of Dave Fantau who also serves CNJ as senior advisor for the field of consumer product business consulting services. NTS Global is a company with specialties in trim solutions with the business platform in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, El Salvador, and some other countries. Dave Fantau is Chief Executive Officer of the company and he is assisted by a group of very intellectual professionals such as industry experts, value-chain specialists, organization and talent consulting professionals, and the like. He has…

NTS USA: CNJ Looks Forward to a Success of this Business Model.

NTS Brochure Spreads Newstar Trim Solutions, i.e., NTS is a U.S. company that CNJ joint-ventures with NTS Korea. NTS Mission is to embrace the rapid growth and demand in the apparel trim and packaging industry while providing the capabilities for our clients to showcase and enhance their brands through our variety of trim solutions. NTS and its 6 offices worldwide, seek to exceed the industry standard, providing exceptional products and maintaining the flexibility to work closely and meet specific requests.