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KoBE West Chapter’s Government Contracting Seminar for Korean Businessmen
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CNJ hosted the 2nd KoBE government contracting seminar at Fullerton Community Center on November 18, 2017 for Korean small business persons. The keynote speaker, William Osgood, delivered a vivid speech on how to be successfully create a business with the governments at all levels, in particular, with the US Department of Defense. Korean businessmen doing business in the US market are seriously willing to do business with the public sector, and yet they may be lack of supportive critical mass to accomplish it. CNJ’s core business is going for those who are interested in doing this business. We all know…

Ten Commandments for Creating the Customer Experience

Creating the Customer Experience is not optional for all medium and small sized Korean companies. Once you have well designed plan and strategies for this purpose, you will easily find your markets and business partners in the United States, and extend your business domain to the whole world in a short period of time. We have a clear shared vision. We have challeging goals. We have well defined strategies. Employees are well trained for their competencies and attitudes. We match the claims made through advertising. We measure service quality against best in class. Employees meet with customer groups as frequently as…

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Tips For Foreign Companies Eyeing US Government Contracts

Tips For Foreign Companies Eyeing US Gov’t Contracts By Elaine Meyer Law360 Foreign companies looking to win a prized contract with the U.S. government have many reasons to be intimidated, including bulky regulations that govern the contracting process and disadvantageous trade preferences. Such barriers, combined with an increasing political sentiment that favors American companies could make even the most talented foreign competitor think twice about dipping its toes in the U.S. federal government contracts pool, which was worth $220 billion in 2016. But government contracts lawyers say the barriers are surmountable, and a company committed to learning and understanding the…

CNJ Face of the Future
CNJ Face of the Curiosity

CNJ FACE OF THE CURIOSITY The image below symbolizes how CNJ looks into the business world for human well-being. CNJ is a business consulting institute specialized in 3Cs described as follows: 1. Competency: CNJ has the judgmental and analytical capability with which CNJ consultants diagnose your company’s Competency, i.e., what you are doing as business. 2. Connectivity: CNJ has the enormous capacity of networking your company with other potential partners in the US market, based on our informative networks. 3. Competiveness: CNJ always understands that your competitiveness at a time does not always perpetuate so that your company stays there….

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Understanding the U.S. Regulatory Environment for Business and Intellectual Property Protection: A Road to U.S. Business Success June 15, 2016 Arnold Lutzker, Attorney, Lutzker & Lutzker, LLP, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., and  Jack Rovner, Attorney, The Health Law Consultancy, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. are proud members of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms. U.S. Regulatory Schemes.  The United States is a federation of States, each with its own government structure and regulatory scheme. The national government has regulatory authority over inter-State commerce, foreign trade and other business activities of national scope and interest. Each State has its own regulatory environment applicable to businesses…